Monday, April 30, 2012

DR. CALDWELL ESSELSTYN: No more Heart Attacks, Heart Attack proof. Food Revolution Summit

I am pleased to present Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, interviewed by Food Revolution Summit, on Saturday April 28, 2012. This is the second speaker, after Dr. Ornish.
Dr. Esselstyn is a very well known physician and researcher in nutrition and cure, reversing heart diseases with diet. Some of his most prominent links regarding heart problems are:



Words from the Food Revolution Summit:

Dr. Esselstyn told us that among certain cultures that eat plant-based  diets, heart disease is virtually non-existent. If you live there, he commented, you'll have a more lucrative career selling pencils than being a cardiologist. During World War 2, Germany deprived the countries it occupied of livestock. From 1939 to 1945 in Norway, deaths from heart attacks and strokes plummeted. But as soon as there was a cessation of hostilities - back came the meat, back came the dairy, and back came the heart attacks and the strokes.
This is only one very small portion of the interview I thought central and powerful:
Dr. Esselstyn:   Well I think that the film is really very powerful and very enlightening because it shows that there is no snake oil or voodoo in the film. It is all really evidence based.  It is so compelling when one sees the science that can be behind making these nutritional transitions because whole food, plant based nutrition, it trumps all.  It is the absolute food cornerstone of what I feel can be the absolute seismic revolution in health, but we find ourselves right on the cusp because right now what we are doing in medicine is really sort of insane. I mean I think you mentioned earlier about the medical schools and nutrition. I think a few years ago it was disappointing that they didn’t teach nutrition. I mean quite frankly now it is at the point where it is disgraceful because let’s take for example the power of nutrition.  I will give an example.  Suppose I have a woman or man who weighs 245 pounds and they have had a heart attack but in addition to being obese they happen to be hypertensive and they are diabetic but they just absolutely get it. They just do it right and suddenly a year, a year and a half later, they now weight 155.  They are no longer obese. Their hypertension has disappeared. Their diabetes has disappeared. The risk for a heart attack or an ischemic stroke is gone.  There is not a single pill on the planet that will do this. It is all happening because of this profound nutritional lifestyle change that they have done.  You just mentioned very poignantly earlier John about all these common chronic killing diseases. It echoes back to what we were mentioning earlier in the program when we talked about how literally even at the teenage years people have coronary artery disease.  Yet the human frame is so remarkable that it will go on for several more decades doing the very best it possibly can to resist this assault until finally the assault on the vasculature gets to a point where the body can no longer protect against the development of these plaques and the rupture and of course the clinical disease but this has taken decades to develop. The same thing is true of course of what happens with hypertension. You don’t suddenly wake up as a teenager eating horribly and have hypertension.  No, you keep that up, keep that up and finally the body no longer can keep your blood pressure normal.  It starts to be elevated. The same thing is true with diabetes. Interestingly enough the same thing is true of dementia.  Why is it that at 85, 50% of Americans or Swedes has dementia?  You don’t wake up at 85 suddenly with dementia. You have worked dog gone hard all through your life to really mess up the vasculature to the brain as well as all the other beta amyloid and the tangles that occur in Alzheimer’s.  One has worked very hard to set the ground work for that to happen. It is so exciting to think that this seismic revolution, not only in health, not only will it get this nation out of debt, but it will remarkably enhance the lives of so many.

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