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DR. JOSEPH MERCOLA on GMOs, Food Revolution Summit

Second speaker for the Food Revolution Summit, second day: Dr. Joseph Mercola cotinuing on GMOs.
Ocean Robbins: Welcome to The Food Revolution Summit where we explore how you can heal your body and your world with food. This is Ocean Robbins and I am joined by my dad, John Robbins in welcoming our guest, Dr. Joseph Mercola.  Dr. Mercola is a 1982 graduate of the Chicago College of Osteopathic medicine and a former Chairman of Family Medicine at St. Alexius Medical Center.  He is the author of many books including two New York Times best sellers. Some of his recent books include Take Control of Your Health and Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Cookbook and Program.  Dr. Mercola is founder of one of the most heavily trafficked health websites on the internet, He was voted the 2009 Ultimate Wellness Game Changer by the Huffington Post and has been featured in hundreds of magazine and television appearances including Time, Forbes, The Today Show, CNN, ABC, World News Tonight, The Dr. Oz Show and many more. 
                          Dr.Mercola’s goal is to provide the most up to date natural health information and resources and to expose corporate government and mass media hype that diverts you away from what is truly best for your health and often to a path that can lead straight to an early grave. Dr. Mercola, your work has inspired and supported countless millions of people. My dad and I feel honored to have the pleasure of welcoming you onto this call.  Here to interview you is my dad, John Robbins.
John Robbins: Thank you Ocean.  I join Ocean, Joe, in welcoming you to our summit. I have always felt, and I think you probably do to, that a physician who doesn’t know about nutrition is like a fireman who doesn’t know about water.  Yet the average MD today in four years of medical school receives only about two and a half hours in course work in nutrition. What would you say has happened to the practice of medicine in this country?
Dr. Mercola:    Well that is a pretty broad question. I am not quite sure where you want me to go with that because there are a lot of different ways that one can address that.  It has certainly been a rapidly declining path, I believe, primarily because of the influence of the corruption between many areas of the Federal Regulatory Agencies and these large corporations. So as a result there are systems set up that really are somewhat limiting to individuals achieving health through traditional and ancient time honored methods of doing so, which is primarily with choosing the right foods and staying clear of many toxic influences. So it is a big challenge.
John Robbins:  One of the types of genetically modified crops that are very prevalent today is Bt corn and Bt cotton which produce pesticides in every cell of the plant. This has an advantage in the short term for the farmer because it kills or deters insects, but the plants themselves become living pesticide factories. They are toxic and not just to the insects. In India, farmers who let their sheep graze on Bt cotton plants after the harvest saw thousands of sheep inexplicably die.  Are you as disturbed as I am by the growth of genetically engineered food in our culture?
Dr. Mercola:   Well, I don’t know your level of disturbance but it is certainly one of the major challenges I have with the system.  It is even worse than you mentioned in India. It is bad enough that you have the sheep dying. I am not sure if you are aware that there are a quarter of a million Indian farmers who have committed suicide as a result of their involvement with genetically engineered foods over there.  It is just a travesty of what they are doing. It is shocking that it is allowed to happen but it is exactly what it is. Monsanto gets in there.  They have these propaganda campaigns and they convince these local farmers to use their seeds.  Then they get them essentially committed to this process which eventually bankrupts them.  They don’t have any resources left.  They have no option; at least they perceive no option, other than to commit suicide.  It is pervasive over there.
John Robbins:  It is a human tragedy isn’t it?
Dr. Mercola:    Absolutely, of the highest magnitude. It is like genocide almost.
John Robbins: Yes. What do we need to do to awaken American consumers to the disturbing, frightening realities of GMOs?
Dr. Mercola:    First of all I would like not to use the term GMO because it is somewhat of a bland term and it doesn’t really express the extent of the distortion that is occurring.  We like to use the term genetically engineered because it helps people understand exactly what is going on at a deeper basis.  It makes it more clear and easy to object to that. But the basic process is to educate individuals and to let them be aware of this and this is one of the things we do on a regular basis.  I think collectively, even if you had everyone in the country become aware of this, there is not really a solution until you can identify which foods are genetically engineered.  So that is why we are so excited about this California ballet initiative because it could be the beginning of the end for them. That is why they are putting up $100 million to fight it.  They know if this thing passes it really could spell the end of genetically engineered foods in the United States. This is exactly what happened in Europe. There was no national legislation that outlawed genetically engineered foods. All they did was require labeling and one the foods were labeled it was essentially eliminated from Europe.

Dr. Mercola on MICROWAVE use:

John Robbins:  I want to ask you on another subject that I know you have written about and I think it is something that isn’t often discussed.  But for people who are food conscious and want to eat more healthfully, it is actually important; that is microwave ovens.  Do you have a sense or a perspective on their use that differs from the common understanding that they are just fine?
Dr. Mercola:    Well I have been opposed to them for…actually; I have never been in favor of them, ever.  I have just avoided them for a number of reasons. Some of them have to do with the concept of homeopathy.  I am sure you and your listeners are familiar with this vibrational medicine. The way that microwave ovens work primarily is to cause the food molecules to vibrate at certain frequencies, very high frequencies actually. I think it is in the gigahertz range.  So it essentially imparts a negative homeopathic vibration into the food or the liquid that you are heating but even beyond that, the device itself is actually quite dangerous. When you turn a microwave oven on, you will literally for a number – I think it is thirty, forty, fifty feet away from that, you need to be out of that distance because it is completely different than a cell phone or even a motor on a refrigerator which is also a very high emitter of EMF, but the EMF that comes out of a microwave oven is probably one of the most dangerous ones out there because the field is so large.  So even irrespective to the damage it does to your food, it really causes damage when that unit is on. 

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Walmart sells BT Corn without indicating it is GMO:

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