Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dr.McDougall reduces 44% cost of Health Care expenses with his program of Plant-Based Nutrition

Dr. McDougall cuts corporate health care expenses in half using starch-based diet (VIDEO)From VegSource.com
Jeff and Sabrina

Dr. McDougall is the man Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey approached when he wanted to launch a pilot program to get Whole Foods employees healthier, and reduce the company's heavy health care bills.
Mackey was impressed that Dr. McDougall had succeeded in lowering health costs by a whopping 44% for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota; for every group of Blue Cross employees they put through McDougall's Immersion program, the impressive results were the same -- employee health care costs cut nearly in half.
Want to see how Dr. McDougall does it?
Watch this 13-minute video and witness story after story of employees who have gotten off their medications, reversed serious conditions, and regained their health and a more youthful and trim appearance -- just by attending Dr. McDougall's unique Healthy Employee Immersion Program.
This is a video produced by Team VegSource (Jeff and Willie!).



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