Monday, April 23, 2012

FRENCH GREEN PARTY on food: Ideas and intentions to emulate here in the USA

What it becomes important for a nation, when it comes to health, nutrition and prevention it reflects upon the minds of those who can make the change through the exercise of power. By getting informed about how other nations approach this issue, we should stop for a minute and reflect upon what was going on in France this past weekend, that precisely coincided with the celebration of EARTH DAY! It shuld be a plan worth emulating, apparently with good ideas, intentions and mainly the desire to execute the change with real deeds.

Here's a quick translation of the French Green party platform on food (the only party to have brought up the topic):

- Pre-school and kindergarten: organic meals, with a weekly vegetarian meal to change the way children see food
- More restrictions on advertising for junk food
- Promote local foods (community gardens, allotments, etc)
- Make organic food accessible to all by encouraging production and distribution and lowering value added tax on organic products
- Make fresh and healthy food more accessible to the poor - put an emphasis on fruit and vegetables in food stamps/food bank programs
- Finance nutrition research, focus on research looking at allergies and problems associated with over industralized, processed foods.

Unfortunately, they only got 2.5% of the vote.

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