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Day #2 of Food Summit, April 29, 2012: GMOs, HOW DANGEROUS ARE THEY?
GMOS could be affecting our health more than we can imagine, infesting non-gmos seeds and even endangering the lives of bees who get their pollen from flowers coming from GMOs seeds.
The following is only a small part of the interview, the gist of this interesting and amazing wake up call for all of us.
First interview: JEFFREY SMITH

Ocean Robbins:Welcome to The Food Revolution Summit where we explore how you can heal your body and your world with food. This is Ocean Robbins and I am joined by my dad John Robbins in welcoming our guest Jeffrey Smith.  International bestselling author and filmmaker Jeffery Smith is a leading spokesperson on the dangers of genetically modified organisms or GMOs.  Jeffrey is author of the world’s bestselling book on GMOs, Seeds of Deception; Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You Are Eating.  He has counseled world leaders from every continent, changed the course of government policies and is Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology. The Institute educates seven million monthly website visitors and newsletter readers and offers the non-GMO shopping guide as well as an IPhone app that helps users go GMO free.  Jeffrey is one of the world’s leaders in the movement for healthier eating and responsible technology. He and my dad have been treasured friends and colleagues for years. 
                          Jeffrey, the work you are doing is inspiring and it is groundbreaking and maybe some would say revolutionary. We feel honored to have your voice as part of this summit and here to interview you is my dad, John Robbins.
John Robbins:  Thank you Ocean and I join Ocean, Jeffrey, in welcoming you and celebrating your work and also regretting that it is so necessary. Today Monsanto and its allies continue to fight ferociously every attempt to require labeling of foods made from genetically modified seeds. They say there is no reason for the public to be concerned but many people and certainly many of our listeners are in fact deeply concerned. Do they have reason to be?
John Robbins:  Many of Monsanto’s GMO crops have been engineered to withstand massive sprayings of Roundup, the company’s proprietary herbicide. I have seen ads where Monsanto claims Roundup is biodegradable and it is safe. What is the actual environmental and health impact of Roundup?
Jeffrey Smith:  Well Monsanto got convicted of false advertising when they used to say that it was biodegradable and that was a New York Court but that didn’t stop them from saying the same thing in Europe until the French Court then nailed them and got them to pay a fine for false advertising. Roundup, it turns out, is linked not only to birth defects but cancer, endocrine disruption, smaller sperm counts, abnormal sperm and a host of other disorders. It was originally patented as a broad spectrum chelator which means it binds with nutrients and does not make them available to plants. When it is sprayed on plants it deprives those plants of nutrients making them weaker and then it promotes pathogens in the soil which kill the plant. So it creates a perfect storm of disease and death. The largest proportion of the diet of livestock in the United States are Roundup Ready crops; soy, corn, cottonseed meal, canola meal, sugar beet pulp and alfalfa.  Now they are eating nutrient deficient crops and there is a universal deficiency of some nutrients now in the livestock in the US.  We eat these sick and nutrient deficient animals, we eat the nutrient deficient Roundup Ready crops and we eat the crops that have higher levels of Roundup which not only has toxicity directly to us but it can also then chelate or bind with nutrients in our body depriving us of those very, very important nutrients. Roundup is now found in air samples, rain samples, water samples, in our urine. It is found in our blood, it is found in the blood of fetuses and it is dangerous in very minute concentrations, in fact there was some recent evidence that it kills gut bacteria that is beneficial.  In fact, within cows it kills the gut bacteria that keeps down the population of botulism and so there is an upsurge supposedly of botulism now in cows and possibly also in the human population linked to the all-pervasive Roundup in our diets.
John Robbins:  As bad as Roundup is, I am seeing something worse on the horizon because as its use has been increasing it is obviously increasing herbicide tolerant weeds forcing farmers to switch to other chemicals including the acutely toxic 2,4-D.  Most of us are familiar with this as the primary ingredient in Agent Orange. It seems like something out of a bad science fiction movie but is it actually true that Dow Chemical wants to solve the problem by creating corn and soybeans that are resistant to 2, 4-D which would lead to millions of acres of US farmland being sprayed with a chemical warfare agent notorious for causing birth defects and cancer?
Jeffrey Smith: You are absolutely right John, it is stranger than fiction and this is their response to the inevitable emergence of herbicide tolerant weeds, Roundup Ready weeds have emerged on over 13 million acres in the United States.  Instead of acknowledging that this whole system is not appropriate and going back to more sustainable programs and approaches they are introducing these Agent Orange crops which are guaranteed to flood our bodies and our environment with this acutely toxic Agent Orange component. It is an example of the kind of skewed thinking and profit driven thinking of the industrial model of agriculture that completely ignores the consequences for health, environment, wildlife and future generations. Even the introduction of GMOs as you know on its own right without its associated chemicals for these herbicide tolerant crops, we are putting genes into the environment where we have no technology to fully recall them.  The genes already released become self-propagating pollution in the gene pool and can outlast the effects of global warming and nuclear waste.  On top of that they affect everyone who eats and so the exposure and the risk of GMOs to all living beings and all future generations are unprecedented in our history. 

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