Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TOP TEN (10) FOODS that are healthy and fight cancer and TEN (10) foods that will eventually kill you!

The following list of foods (there are many more) should be included and excluded from your daily meny. These are the TOP 10 foods that are healthy and will help you prevent cancer and the other ones  will eventually kill you. Observe that the healthy ones are the result of the soil, Mother Nature, and the ones that are poisonous are nothing but processed with chemicals, unnatural, man made, fabrication, artificial, loaded with synthetic chemicals. The closer we are with mother nature, the better and healthier we will be. Create your own organic garden, if possible. Even growing veggies on pots are better than nothing. Also SPROUTS are the live food that we all should include in our diet. Easy to grow, just by your kitchen window in a jason jar, even in a small apartment, this is totally doable.

TOP TEN (10) foods that fight cancer, Dr. Robert Avery, M. D.


TOP TEN (10) foods that destroy your health, Dr. Ted Broer, Ph. D.


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