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The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term HealthImage of T. Colin Campbell

Every single page of this book was educational and an eye, ear and mind opener!  -The careful scientific explanation of the three (3) phases in the development of cancer was the key for me, it hooked me to continue going, like you catch a fish with the best bait! Exceptional book and highly recommended. 
Some reviews about this scientific work:

A Nutrition Revolution starts!

"I have a PhD in health education and a Masters in Public Health - and I can honestly say that no book has shaken my worldview like this one. Anyone interested in health - their own, or that of their family, friends, or community - must read this book and share it. Campbell has started a revolution. Skip this work at your own peril."

Howie Jacobson, PhD

"Online Marketing Evolutionary"
(Durham NC USA)

Research vs. Propaganda,

"This book is fascinating, as well as extremely well-organized. Dr. Campbell discusses the findings of his studies, the ramifications on our health, and then devotes a segment to answer the inevitable question: "If what you're saying is true, then why haven't I been hearing about this?"

The answer, unsurprisingly, is money. The meat and dairy industries represent huge, well-funded lobbying interests, and anyone telling you that meat and dairy aren't healthy is going to run into a wall of opposition. Do you really think these industries are going to spend millions of dollars advertising their products each year, yet sit by idly when research detracting their products surfaces? Of course not.

That's why you should find the reviews claiming Dr. Campbell's work is 'pushing an agenda' to be as laughably off-base as they truly are. Unlike Atkins and the other snake-oil salesmen, Dr. Campbell stands to make no money if you begin the diet he endorses. He is not selling any products or supplements, or defending his profits. He is just pointing out what his research has shown him - that a meat-free, whole-foods diet is be much healthier than what we're currently eating.

But don't take my word - read the book, and lend it to people you know who take their health seriously. Dr. Campbell's integrity shines through on every page."

Wanton Gospeller
(Camden, New Jersey)

Impeccable work and impressive research,

"As a physician, I know how little is taught to medical students about nutrition. As an amateur chef, I've read for years about what we need to do for our diet in order to be healthier. Large studies, such as the Framingham study, do make comments about exercise and nutrition, but as far as I know have never gone into the detail that Dr. Campbell has. His credentials are impeccable. His research is impressive. It brought everything together for me. I've stopped eating meat and avoid most dairy. I bought 12 copies for family and friends immediately, because I felt that I was ethically bound to do this. Now I'm ordering more copies. It is a terrific example of how information that can literally be lifesaving is suppressed by many means. I only wish I'd had this info when I was 40 instead of 62. Of course, my husband, a cardiologist, so far has not read the book. He does eat everything I cook."

Cherryl Friedman, M. D.

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