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DAVID WOLFE, nature and spiritual connection in and with FOOD. Food Revolution Summit

DAVID WOLFE: Spiritual connection with food, soil, Mother Nature. He brings a quote from Upanisad: "The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind."

Words from the Food Revolution Summit:
Next my dad, John Robbins, interviewed David Wolfe.  David is the author of seven bestselling books and a passionate advocate for natural health, nutrition, herbalism, longevity, chocolate, and organic superfoods.  Much of his interview focused on the energetic and even spiritual impact of food choices.  For example:
“I believe (dogmatism) very detrimentally affects both the raw food movement which I have been a very big part of (for over 20 years), and the vegan movement… We have got to get out of that cycle of dogma or fundamentalisms.”
“The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind.”
“It’s easier to maintain a positive mental attitude if you’re drinking wheat grass juice than if you’re drinking soda pop.  It’s easier, and you want to stack the odds in your favor.  If you eat well and you eat healthy, you will have an easier time holding energy and vibrations, and you’ll perform better....  greens are absolutely critical."

Ocean Robbins: Welcome to The Food Revolution Summit where we explore how you can heal your body and your world with food. This is Ocean Robbins and I am joined now by my dad, John Robbins, in welcoming our guest David Wolfe.  Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide flock to David’s Wolfe’s Nutrition Mission and the Natural Health and Eco Beauty Revolution that he champions.  With a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and a background in science and mechanical engineering, David is considered by many to be a leading authority on natural health, beauty, nutrition, herbalism, longevity, chocolate and organic super foods.  David is the author of seven bestselling books, founder of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and a highly successful eco-entrepreneur with a passion for building businesses that make a difference for healthy people and a healthy plant.  So now, David, my dad and I are just so happy to have this time with you and to welcome you onto this call. Here to interview you is my dad, John Robbins.
John Robbins: Thank you Ocean and I join Ocean in welcoming you David and join all of our listeners who are eager, I am sure, to hear what you have to say.  I would like to begin by asking you, what do you see as the most critical food related issues that we face today?
John Robbins: I am glad that people give you the chance to say who you are and who you have always been and who you really are and to change when you do because we all need to not pigeon hole each other and hold each other fixed into the ideas that we have of one another.  I have seen that damage so many people over the years.  I am also sensing that people are drawn to different dietary options often hoping to improve their health.  That is entirely valid but I think you also see a connection between spirituality and diet.  Would you say that there are some foods or some diets that have the potential to lift body and soul to a higher evolutionary vibration? 
David Wolfe:Yes, but I don’t like to say that really to a lot of people because it implies a judgment that other diets don’t allow people to be spiritual which I don’t believe really is true.  So it is a hard answer to give because I don’t want to judge anybody.  I mean for me what my experience has taught me and what I have seen with raw foods, vegetarianism, veganism, also wild foods, primal diets, that it connects you to a nature based spirituality in a way that is so deep and fundamental.  At this point I have been a raw foodist for twenty years.  I feel, to me, my life is my plants and my trees outside and all the hundred fruit trees I’ve got in my front yard and the stuff that is in the backyard. That is my life.  I feel connected to those things wherever I am in the world.  I feel connected to the animals that I see wildly.  There is nothing in the world that could ever replace the feeling of that, nothing. It is the most powerful feeling.  It is the most wonderful connection that I have in my life.  So that nature based spirituality and in training your body to those natural higher rhythms of nature, those wonderful rhythms of nature and the great cycles of nature connects you to God in a way that is profound, at least for me it has been profound.  I couldn’t imagine anything – and this is what has led me to the whole thing about Shamanism.  I am so into plants, that is my whole life.  The only people I know ever who were ever like that are Shamans in the Amazon.  That is where I spend my time if I am in any way able to do it.  If I am in South America I am with the Shamans in the Amazon, I am with the Shamans in the Andes and I am living that kind of life because they get it on the way that I get it, when I feel a camaraderie and a companionship that is just incredible.  So the answer to your question is, yes, there are diets that actually help you to get more connected to God and more connected to your divine self and more connected to our beautiful natural world.
John Robbins: I want to turn to something we were talking about a few minutes ago from a different angle because I know this is something that is no the mind of many of our listeners and I know they would love to hear your thoughts.  There are those who say you are what you eat and there is obviously some truth to that and then there are others who say you are what you think.  What is your feeling about the interconnection between our attitudes and the food that we eat?
David Wolfe: Well you immediately bring to mind a phrase of the Upanishads which is a great Vedic doctor from Northern India and the phrase is: “The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind.” Having been a researcher in the area of “you are what you think about all day long and you are what you eat,” I think more than anybody on the planet, those have been my primary mantra’s that I have been researching and exploring.  I really feel that that Vedic phrase captures it.  “The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind.”  That one just blows me away.  Every time I hear that I am just like “woe!” Because it has been my experience. I think that is exactly accurate. 
Having said that, I think it is easier if you drink wheat grass for example to maintain a positive mental attitude than if you are drinking soda pop.  It is just easier. It doesn’t make it happen, but it is easier. You want to stack the odds in your favor whenever possible, make it easy on yourself. There are great companies out there, by the way, comes to mind, Google.  Google in San Jose and in New York has had me speak at their facilities.  They have free wheat grass for every employee as much as you want, as many shots as you want, you get it there. 
John Robbins: That’s great. I didn’t know that.

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