Monday, May 7, 2012

Food Revolution Summit: After thoughts, let's touch the BIG CENTRAL part of the whole puzzle!

            Food Revolution Summit

After thoughts: Let's touch the central problem connected to obesity and major diseases in this country.
Are we victims of a careful manipulation based on consumer's psychology? Falling for propaganda, advertisements, enticing marketing strategies?-Time to wake up!,

Most people want to be healthy, and want information that will be useful to them. Of course there is so much misleading information out there coming from sources that are trying to confuse people that a lot of people are rightfully cynical of new fads or advice. Sometimes they choose the dietary devil they know over the one they don’t - why change if you don't know if it matters? Sadly, it's often only when a major health crisis strikes that a lot of people start to make changes. For some of them it can be too late. That’s why we’re bringing in real information from seasoned experts and encouraging our audience to decide for themselves what makes sense.
We’re not trying to promote a particular box we put ourselves into – I don’t care whether you call yourself vegetarian, an omnivore, or an asparagus. Everyone is unique, and we all have to find our what works for us. I want summit participants to have the information they need you can make good choices. We want them to leave informed, inspired and empowered. I personally believe that many of us can improve our health outcomes with a plant based diet. 
This is the core of the apple, the big part of the puzzle: FALSE FOOD ADVERTISEMENTS

"Milk does a body good" or "drink milk for good bones", "your milk comes from happy cows". Ads this type try to brainwash us and confuse us, when in reality what they claim is simply untrue.

The following is an excerpt from the interview of Ocean and John Robbins, Food Revolution Summit.
Q. In our information overloaded culture, the marketing messages backed by the most money are the ones being heard. Got Milk anyone?! It’s scary that most of us don’t realize how many of these “health messages” are really industry-backed ads pretending to be some kind of public service announcements. I get concerned that as whole, organic foods advocates, we’re not reaching the people who most need to hear it because they’re hearing those slogans, but not following up to find out who’s paying for them. Can you speak to that issue?

A: One of the goals for the Food Revolution Summit is to create messages of empowerment to help us make informed choices. It’s true, big agri-business is spending an enormous amount of money marketing food like-products, contaminated with GMOs (genetically modified organisms), hoping to get people hooked on whatever sells, which is often junk food. We are up against powerful forces, yet I believe that the thrust and passion to be healthy are more compelling than greed. As a society, we’re ready to reclaim our health and food systems.

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