Friday, May 18, 2012

GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOOD: What you need to know for an overall understanding

Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers

                                       Ronnie Cummins and Ben Lilliston, authors

                                           ON BEHIND THE SCENES
Ronnie Cummins and Ben Lilliston have enlighten all of us who read and are inquisitive about Genetically Engineered Foods (GMOs). The education and all the knowledge acquired inside these pages is giantic and an eye opener. We become critical thinkers and activists when it comes to understand how the food industry and the system in the country works.
  • Figures, facts, tangible, almost visual descriptive detailed information about the realities of GMOs
  • Understanding of the basics of GMO agricultural biotechnology
  • The health hazard and the ecological risks associated with this particular techonology
  • REAL FACTS behind the GMO foods
  • Know genetically modified food products and ingredients to avoid
  • Know the companies who are responsible of manufacturing such products
  • Regulatory processes in the USA and abroad
  • The necessary information to speak up to government officials and agencies for the good of the population
  •  Ideas and tips about calling and writing to companies that produce or distribute GMOsfoods.
  •  Get to know the farmers in your area and grow your own (I grow my  own produce, for the most part, in my backyard)
  • This book helps tremendously to grasp a much better understanding of the problems, the risks and the politics associated with this issue and what we can do, as consumers.  
  • This book also does an outstanding job of bringing up other countries in the world that stood up and strongly rejected GMO foods, indicating (by inference) that the USA is still here trying to ignore the problem and being conveniently passive.
  • Monsanto, the FDA and other associated and related administrations and giantic powerful (U$$$) companies are playing deaf, blind and indiferent, but WHY?
  • Why is there such resistance toward labeling  genetically engineered? -The final answer to this question is: The population would not buy the product (for the most part) if they knew it is GMO and Monsanto and other related interests will sucumb and go out of business.

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