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MARIANNE WILLIAMSON: Food, Body & Divine Perfection. Food Revolution Summit

MARIANNE WILLIAMSON: Food, Body & Divine Perfection

My words:
Spiritual health & compulsive behavior go together The eating disorders are directly associated to the emotions, as a result of our psycological state. DISCONNECTIONS with everything and LOVE, as part of the relationship with food. This concept is embedded in the assertions that David Wolfe brings when he says that we eat the food with love and we love the food because that CONNECTION exits with soil, with growth, with nurturing the process,with the nourishment in our bodies and minds.

Words from Williamson's book:

"Intellectually understanding your body, your mind-body connection, the physiology of exercise, or the realities of food metabolism mean litle if you are addicted. In the words of Sigmund Freud, 'Intelligence will be used in the service of the neurosis.' The fact that you, yourself have anything figured out makes litte or no difference to any of this. No matter how smart you are, or how much 'work you've done on yourself', you alone cannot outsmart the psychic force of compulsion and addiction. If you could, you would have done so by now. For this problem, entrenched and pernicious as it is, you need spiritual forces to help you. for this, you need God." Marianne Williamson

 Again, going back to the connection between food and spirit, outer (food) and inner (spirit)! A profound connection. Overeating and eating impulses are forms of addiction and they need spiritual energy to overcome them.

Words from the Food Revolution Summit:

Marianne Williamson, who is one of the world’s most beloved spiritual authors and lecturers.  Marianne’s latest bestseller is A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever.  Our interview with Marianne was titled Food, Body, and Divine Perfection.  Some of the insights I found most inspiring included:
“A situation has to be accepted fully before you can have the power to change it.  That has to be extended to our bodies and weight levels.  Every person no matter what size, shape or form, should be respected.  At the same time, no one should pretend that carrying around an extra 50 or 60 pounds is good for your breathing, your liver, or your arteries.”
“Obesity is not just a vanity issue for people who want to lose 10 pounds at the beach.  This is a serious and life-threatening condition.”
“When you realize that your body is an extraordinary gift, then you want to treat it well.  Food is a gift, and eating chemically processed food can begin to be recognized as an act of violence against yourself.”
“When you start to meditate and bring consciousness to your body, you want to treat it better.”
“In parenting, you have to know when to hold and when to fold.  As parents, we are responsible for what food we have in our homes, and what we feed our children.  It can be hard for a lot of people who have even the best of intentions to fill their homes with healthy food.”

Introduction from the interview:

Ocean Robbins: Welcome to The Food Revolution Summit where we explore how you can heal your body and your world with food. This is Ocean Robbins and I am joined by my dad John Robbins in welcoming our guest Marianne Williamson.  My dad and I have been blessed to work with Marianne on many projects over the last decade. We both consider her a treasured friend as well as a luminous voice of wisdom for our times.  Marianne is one of the world’s most beloved spiritual authors and lecturers. Her books have sold more than ten million copies and four of them have been number one New York Times bestsellers.  Marianne is the founder of Project Angel Food which is a Meals on Wheels program that every day serves more than 1,000 homebound people with AIDS.  Her latest bestseller is A Course in Weight Loss; 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever.  Marianne is now bringing to food and weight loss the same piercing insight and spiritual principles she brings to so many areas of our lives. Here to interview you Marianne is my dad John Robbins.
Marianne Williamson: Thank you so much, hi.
John Robbins: They are and it is growing. The numbers of children who are overweight and obese is growing rapidly, increasing rapidly and with that there are very real health implications, including diabetes in children, not to mention self-image and feelings about how attractive they are or aren’t.  It hits so many ways and it is one of the reasons I appreciate your book so much because it is so practically helpful.  What do you see as the common spiritual and/or psychological underpinnings behind excess weight?
Marianne Williamson:   Well just like in your work we are disconnected from fundamentals. We are disconnected from the earth.  We are disconnected from animals.  We are disconnected from food.  We are disconnected from our own bodies.  We are disconnected from our own spirits.  We are disconnected from God and to say that we are disconnected from God to me means we are disconnected from the unified ground of being that unites and joins all of the things that I just mentioned as one.  We are disconnected from the fundamental realm of Reality with a capital R.  So many people are and have been sounding alarms.  You are certainly an example of that and have for years.  You cannot disconnect yourself from that which is eternally true.  You cannot disconnect yourself from that which is most natural.  You cannot disconnect yourself from patterns that have arisen over millions of years of evolution and expect things to go okay.  Once you start messing with this fragile extraordinary ecosystem which is the connection of the body to the earth, you start messing a little bit here and you start messing a little bit there, you are disconnected from animals, you are disconnected from food, you are disconnected from the earth, you are disconnected from your body, you are disconnected enough from everything and ultimately there is a systems crash.  That is not only happening in our individual lives, we know it is happening in human civilization. It is an all systems breakdown.  It is just really the systems are just crashing.
John Robbins: They are and I see the overweight cycle in our country.  I am struck by the fact that the WHO tells us there are over a billion people globally suffering from serious illnesses caused by inadequate nutrition, they don’t have enough to eat and yet there are another billion plus people on the planet, many of them in this country, who are suffering seriously from illnesses caused by excess weight, excess consumption.
Marianne Williamson: Right, but once again if you look at how all of these things relate to a fundamental – Mahatma Gandhi said, “The problem of the world is that humanity is not in its right mind.” All of that leads to the answer. The cause of all of that has to do with a fundamental separation from love. Those billion people that you just mentioned who are undernourished or malnourished, and that includes the 17,000 children every day who are starving by the way, that is basically your bottom billion on the planet, the people who live on $1.25 and less a day.  Now Jeffrey Sacks, economist Jeffrey Sacks has statistically proven that for 100 billion dollars spent over a ten year period of time John, we could eradicate deep poverty from the planet.  Because when you are talking about undernourished, malnourished, starvation, you are talking about poverty.  So here we have 700 billion dollars a year that we spend on defense in this country and for 1/7th of that spent over ten years we could eradicate deep poverty. So it all goes back to a fundamental insanity. What are we doing? A fundamental lack of love because those people who are under nourished or malnourished or starving, that fact is juxtaposed with the fact that at least as of now we have enough food.  It is also now posited that within twenty years we actually will not have enough food at the rate we are going, but then that brings up the problems coming down the road.
John Robbins: I am remembering something you wrote in A Course in Weight Loss, you wrote that “This course is not about your relationship with food, it is about your relationship with love.”
Marianne Williamson: And I think that when you have your relationship with love which means your relationship with the essence of who you are, this affects your relationship with your body and it affects your relationship with food. You come to see when you are a spirit, you know, it’s counterintuitive. You dwell in the healthiest place within your body when you know that you are not a body.  It is counterintuitive but it is very profound. When you realize that you are a spirit and that this body is this temple space, this body is like a magnificent suite of clothes that is doing this extraordinary gift, it is performing this extraordinary task, what a gift to you in this life, then you want to treat it well.  Once you see that everything in life is a gift you see that food is a gift.  If you are about to eat chemically processed unhealthy food you realize that it is on a certain level an act of violence against yourself.
John Robbins: So do you think that as people increase their sense of connection to their source, to their essence, to their true nature and to their body that they will then develop a more healthy relationship to food from this?
Marianne Williamson: Oh absolutely!  It’s why you and I tend to have many people of the same audience, because it is connected.  People who are meditating every day and involved in a serious spiritual practice don’t usually wake up in the morning and want to rush out and eat a bunch of bad stuff. We are not all yet at the level where you are and I haven’t achieved that sort of high top of the mountain, but very, very few of us are down there at the bottom anymore of “Hey, this is great. Let’s have a Twinkie before breakfast”. 

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