Thursday, May 10, 2012

THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION: A documentary that reflects the reality of OBESITY scalating in this country.

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This is a series of FOUR (4) parts and it will be aired on HBO and on the internet for free on May 14 and 15, 2012 for everyone for FREE on the internet and on HBO
I watched the first part yesterday and listened to a panel discussion sponsored by Kaiser Permanente important figures in the Health Care System in San Diego.

There is a clear preocupation for the OBESITY problem in the country. This is targeted for all of us to touch our understanding and our consciousness for a lifelong change in your eating habits and overall health style of living. This part of the movie takes a look at our growing obesity epidemic, laying out the facts, and goes into great detail on what's wrong and why we need to change. It gives you the honest truth: The deceiving manipulation the food advertisement and marketing strategies, the role they play in our psyches leading us to keep on consuming their products, that for the most part, are detrimental to our health. They give ideas about the alternatives for better quality foods and more natural. The constant fight against external forces working against us is clear and, for some, an eye openener, in our constant fight to lose weight are also success stories. The film also focus on active living and suggestions/projects for the city to open spaces for children to exercise, walk or bike to school. These changes represent a challege, but it should be a collective-collaborative campaign to work hard in order to embrace the  communities, and even at the national level.

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