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Living the Food Revolution with John and Ocean Robbins: Week 1 - Food and Healing

                                                      Wednesday June 6, 2012                    
                                                Nutrition, Health & Well-Being   

The Context

Find out the truth about genetically modified foods, and the real effect of the food you eat on your health and on our world. Then learn how to put that knowledge into actionable and delicious practice in your life.
Best selling author, John Robbins, joins forces with his son, Ocean Robbins, to give you practical, step-by-step support to bring your food choices into alignment with what you truly value.
Living the Food Revolution will extend your life, increase your vitality, and help you take a stand for a more compassionate and sustainable world.

Big Idea #1: Using Food as a Mirror!

If you look at your food as a mirror, what do you see?
How do you eat? Where do you eat it? What is emotional atmosphere of your table? What is the quality of your food and the way it’s been produced?
Does the whole energy field reflect back to you a life consistent with the values you hold... or is it disconnected?
Many people use food as entertainment and a distraction. If that’s what you "see," often you’ll also see obesity issues. The norm is becoming to be overweight and to be sick.
We spend less per capita on our food that any country in the world; we spend more per capita on health care than any nation in the history of the world! John and Ocean believe that's more than just a coincidence.
Cheap food = high medical costs.
Get clear on what's important to you food-wise, and then create that in your mirror! :)

Big Idea #2: The Biggest Health MYTH!

So what's the BIGGEST HEALTH MYTH out there?
That we need dairy products to get enough calcium!
This is not true, and there is no data to support it. The dairy industry has done a tremendous job of promoting this – that calcium is best absorbed through dairy.
Check out these stats:
  • Brussel Sprouts: 54% of the calcium gets absorbed
  • Mustard Green: 58%
  • Kale: 51%
How about Cow’s Milk... 32%
Yup, Milk/Cheese/Yogurt are all at the bottom of the list. These companies want us to believe that without their products, calcium nutrition is difficult to achieve. It’s misleading and it’s wrong.
Here's another statistic: the countries in the world with the highest consumption of dairy and the highest occurrence of osteoporosis: Finland, Sweden, the United States, and England.
Again, these are more than just coincidences!

Big Idea #3: 7 Top Cost-Saving Tips!

  • Buy large quantities of long-lasting products, such as GRAINS & BEANS

  • Buy unprocessed foods
  • Cook and prepare food at home with simple ingredients; most people spend half their budget eating out at restaurants – what you eat at home will be much healthier!

  • Make food in quantity and freeze the extra!

  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables as local as possible – from farmer’s markets and from people actually growing the food.
  • Plant a garden – this is such a great thing to do with kids; you might also be able to find a community garden.
  • Make a good shopping list and stick to it – focus on what you know you need!

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