Saturday, June 9, 2012


Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure

No more Heart Attacks --- Ever!!

This book is a LIFE SAVER TOOL in paper and in words and a blessing in anyone's hands!

Compelling science and serious work that enlightens everyone who starts opening the first page of this book and learns so much. Prevent and Reverse Heart conditions? -What a new concept and a discovery!!
This is one of my favorite quotes:
"Twenty years ago, when I started my research, our major focus was on reducing total blood cholesterol levels to below 150 mg/dL. and cutting LDL levels to 80 mg/dL or less. But today, it is clear to me that in achieving those goals throught plant-based nurition, we also achieved a corollary result: we restored the body's own proerful capacity to resist and reverse vascular disease." (page 41)

Some important book reviews:

A Life Saver book!,

"This book literally saved my life. I have been following Dr. Esselstyn's advice since the last week of March, 2009. When I went in for my annual cardiologist visit in july, I has lost 62 lbs. My colestrol was 124, down from 260 the year before. In July of 2008 I was pre-diabetic, weighed 325 lbs, and my entire blood panel was a disaster. The doctor was so concerned, she ordered an angiogram. This year, everything was perfect, or low after four months on the program.

Better yet, I have more energy, I sleep better, and I'm not as angry. My wife says, "I'm a different person." No calorie counting, no portion measuring, no exercise regimine, and you can drink in moderation."

Richard G. Berry
(Humble, Texas)

The Best Heart book ever written,

"This is the best heart book ever written period. I have about 50 health books. Ornish's book made me think about it, Esselstyn's book made me do it. All other health and heart books are just noise, they will just confuse you. This one is the best in many ways. In many ways the study is more powerful, and the book is more powerful than the Ornish books by far, though I think Ornish is admirable. This book really should be read along with The China Study, as the two authors refer to one another and their work in the two books. The China Study goes more in depth about the science and rational behind what Esselstyn is suggesting. The China Study is also an outstanding book. Congradulations to Mr Esselstyn, he is by far the best thing going at the Cleveland Clinc, this from one of its angioplasty patients. The only addition I would make to his analysis, is once you are able to, you need to add reasonable exercise, it is essential. But I understand his reasons for sort of omitting it. I suggest Mr Esselstyn write a Reversing Heart Disease Part 2, or "Advanced" there I am sure he would suggest strongly about exercise, as seen with himself and his own family. And I am sure he also has a lot to update us on. Great book, a must for anyone with heart disease."

Steven J. Greenwald

Lycky to find Dr. Esselstyn,

"I was lucky enough to find Dr. Esselstyn almost 3 years ago after a stress test showed an insufficient blood flow during exercise. Rather than undergoing a quadruple by-pass operation (standard procedure), I adopted his healthy life style and my last two annual stress tests showed no blood flow deficiency. Each day I eat healthily I feel in control of my life. My stamina has returned, my indigestion has gone and my optimism is back. Don't feel deprived. Feel empowered!"

Edward Flax
(Syosset, N.Y.)

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